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Washing Machine Care Tips for Users

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Washing Machine Care Tips for Users

  • Do not overload washing machine. Put in the amount of laundry equal to or below the rated load capacity to prolong motor life and minimize stress on mechanical parts.
  • Take care not to drench the timer switches with water as this can cause electric sparks. Electrical sparking can burn switch contacts, gears and springs.
  • Make visual checks for water leaks. When the water level inside the laundry tub is decreasing even when the wash selector is not in drain position means that there is a leak in the tub or the drain plug. Leaks must be fixed to avoid waste of water.
  • Remove all coins,  keys and other items from the pockets of pants and clothes before putting them in to the washing machine. Coins and other small objects tend to get lodged inside the drain tube of the machine and block the water exit to the drain hose.   
  • If your washing machine is an automatic-type using a push-button electronic control panel, unplug the unit from the AC outlet every time there is a thunderstorm. Lightning strikes on electrical lines can cause power surges that can damage parts on the electronic panel.
  • Install washing machine on level and stable ground so it won't "walk" when tub is spinning. 
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