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Refrigerator Care Tips for Users

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Refrigerator Care Tips for Users
  • Defrost regularly or when thick frost accumulates in the freezer compartment. Frequent opening of freezer or cooling compartment doors can accelerate accumulation of frost. Thick frost can turn off thermostat and prevents running of compressor motor. This creates a situation of thick frost on freezer but cooling compartment is not cooling enough.
  • Minimize frequent opening of refrigerator doors.Frequent opening of ref doors makes cold escape from compartments and lets in the hot air. This forces the motor compressor to work harder and increases power consumption. 
  • Install the Refrigerator unit in a place with good air circulation and away from direct sunlight for better cooling efficiency. Ideally, the back of the Refrigerator should be at least 10 cm. away from the wall and its top must have a clearance of at least 30cm. from the ceiling.
  • Clean Refrigerator regularly to minimize accumulation of odors.
  • Use plastic ice scraper to remove stuck items or ice from freezer. Do not use knife or ice pick when removing items stuck in freezer as there is high risk of puncturing the tubing system of the refrigerator which causes leakage of refrigerant and results to a no cooling problem.
    Ice scraper
  • Check that refrigerator door gasket is still pliant and magnetized allowing it to cling to the the cabinet sides to seal in the cold. Leaky gasket reults to cooling inefficiency which wastes electric power. 
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