Friday, July 23, 2010

Kolin TV Service Mode

Chassis Remote codes To exit
K-Chassis SLEEP-PIC-DSP-MENU. Press MENU to navigate pages. SLEEP
M-Chassis DSP-SLEEP-PIC. To select adjustment menu use CH+/CH- buttons. To enter the adjustment menus, use VOL+/VOL- MENU        

Before doing adjustments, list down the adjustment items and their corresponding data so you can return the data to previous settings in case the new settings result to more problems.


  1. Hello, I tried using the codes you posted but none worked I still can't go to service mode, I'm trying to restore the vertical settings on my Kolin TV(KCP-2990FA) since it changed. There's a S-mode key on the remote but it has been disabled by the manufacturer. Is there any other way I can do this? Thanks

  2. By the way I tried it a couple of times using the K-chassis code it just went into blue screen with a red lock logo on it nothing else happened even though I tried to use the menu key. It took me a couple of minutes to exit.

  3. Hopefully when we are going to open your blog again.. we can see some more repair tips.. about t.v. and others tnx.. your a big help to us.. god bless!!!

  4. Using high voltage probe to repair computer monitor or tv is an advantage to you because you can see the actual voltage produced at the anode. A too high or too low high voltage reading could mean that there are certain circuitry in the circuit is having problem.


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