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Microwave Oven Care and Maintenance Tips

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  • Do not load more than the kilogram capacity rating of the microwave oven. It will put mechanical and electrical stress on both the turntable motor and the magnetron that heats the food.
  • As much as possible put a cover on the food container when cooking to prevent food splashes to the oven cabinet and walling. Food splashes when heated burns and emits smoke and can damage the paint and metal of the oven cabinet.
  • Clean the both the interior and exterior of the oven cabinet regularly to prevent corrosion and rust.
  • Turn off or cancel the program timer first before opening the oven door. Sudden opening of oven door could blow the safety fuse.
  • Unplug the microwave oven after use particularly models that use an electronic control panel which has digital display and electronic circuitry. These electronic parts are highly susceptible to damage caused by voltage spikes, power fluctuations and lightning strikes.
  • Do not heat liquids using the microwave oven for more than 2 minutes. Do not use the microwave oven to boil water as this is a potential safety hazard.
  • Do not run the microwave oven without any food or liquid to absorb the magnetron's energy. Energy emitted by the magnetron can feed back to itself and cause damage to magnetron's internal parts.
  • Use microwavable food containers which uses plastic, ceramic or glass material. Never use metal containers or aluminum foil as microwave energy bounces off metallic materials and cause uneven heating and cooking of food.  
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  2. Microwave ovens are one of the most important kitchen equipment, both at home and commercial setting. It ensures that the food served are always heated. It is therefore very important that proper care and maintenance are done periodically. These recommendations that you gave to do so are very helpful. Thanks for sharing.


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