Monday, February 7, 2011

Philips TV Service Mode

To access service mode in a Philips TV, press on the remote control keys:
0-6-2-5-9-6-OSD(i+) or

The service mode will allow you to adjust picture Geometry and White Tone via remote.

You can also adjust the option codes to configure drivers for the hardware components particularly the I2C devices..


  1. how can i remove that err 40000 display?? i have philips tv, the service menu sdm, err display even after i turn off turn on tv

  2. Thankyou guys,
    your post verry Helpfull for me ^.^

  3. TV error codes can be displayed onscreen by activating service mode.
    To remove error codes displayed on the TV screen you have to exit service mode by putting the set into standby mode using the remote control and then powering the set up again.
    If the error codes still appear onscreen then most probably it is an indication that there is a defective part on the PCB board. Usually the EEProm (memory chip) is defective.


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