Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sanyo TV Service Mode

The procedure for entering the service mode on a Sanyo TV:

  1. Press/hold "Menu" button on the TV front controls.
  2. Point the remote control to the TV. Press "2" button on the remote. The service menu will appear on the TV screen.
  3. Press Channel +/- to select adjustment item.
  4. Press Volume +/- to adjust data/settings.
  5. To exit: Press "Menu" on TV front control.
The service mode allows the TV technician to adjust picture geometry, RGB settings, TV features and hardware configurations. 
Always record the present settings before adjustment so you can return the settings should adjustments causes more problems.
It would be easier for you to set adjustments if you have a record of the factory default settings for the particular model of TV you are working on.

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