Sunday, April 19, 2009

Recession boosts demand for repair services

It is ironic that something as adverse as the economic recession would provide the stimulus needed to increase demand for repair services. But as statistics from OnForce Services Marketplace Index show repair interventions accounted for 63% of all job orders. New installations for consumer electronics products accounted for only 31% of job orders as reported in the CEPro feature article.

Will repair activities again become a vital part of Customer Service? Surely, the time has come once again for electronic repairers to use this opportunity to maximize the practice of their skills. This is also the chance to cultivate a closer relationship with the customer and encourage them to adopt a mind-set of reuse and having their defective sets repaired instead of throwing away the defective appliances. This will also reduce the volume of e-waste going to the garbage dumps.

An abandoned computer monitorImage via Wikipedia

This increase in demand for repair services can be seen as the consumers way to minimize spending on new appliances and use the savings for more important items.

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